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Perfect for a single individual or couple. Sleek with a modern style and comfortable inside. The look of the innovator and early adopter.

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Full of natural light and farmhouse beauty inside and out. If you like more of a traditional look. If you are a fan of Fixer Upper you may find some familiar styles!

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The all-american craftsman model with a timeless appeal and great for a family! With more space and a room on the ground floor this is one of our most popular models

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Custom TACK (8x28)

Custom KEEL (8x24)


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

We're the first Tiny Home builder in the nation to offer permitted accessory dwelling units.

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Custom DONATI (10x32)

Tiny Offices

Impress clients and work comfortably in a space that you own with a tiny office!

Expert Custom Design

Get your own dedicated tiny home design expert to help you create a tiny home that is unique to you and perfectly fits your needs!

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