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May 11th, 2022

What are ADU Homes?

Types of ADU Homes

ADUs go by different names depending on their location, construction, and design. These are four of the most common:

Detached ADU or Small Home

Detached ADUs stand on their own, independent of the main building. Typically, they’re smaller structures built in the backyard away from the house or garage. In different areas of the country, people call detached ADUs granny flats, backyard cottages, or laneway houses.

Attached ADU

As the name implies, attached ADUs are attached to the permanent dwelling. They usually include a separate entrance on the side of the house. This type of stick-built construction might also be called a bump-out

Anchored Tiny Homes Jacksonville.
Home Addition

In addition to providing your family with more space, an ADU home addition can offer you the opportunity for a second master suite. You could build out that media center into something even better. Since these ADUs are stick built, adding roomier entertainment areas and transforming it from just another bedroom into a custom space is a real possibility.

Interior Conversion

This kind of ADU is built into the main structure with full amenities. If you’re thinking of turning your attic space or basement into an apartment, these would be interior conversions. In most cases, it’s a relatively simple project that uses existing space and the available floor plan. But some take these home additions to the next level and dig under the house or lift it to provide a more independent living area.

Some other names for them include basement apartments, in-law units, secondary suites, and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs).

Garage Conversion

The fourth type of ADU is the garage conversion, which essentially transforms a garage into a livable apartment. Like a detached ADU, it’s a freestanding, independent structure. But like an interior conversion, it uses pre-existing space and construction.

A garage conversion ADU can be large or small—it depends on the size of your garage. Also, depending on zoning, your converted garage could become a good source of rental income.

Garage conversions are a popular alternative, Anchored Tiny Homes can do it for you!

Common Traits of ADU Homes

ADUs come in various forms and functions. Some stand separately from the primary structure, while others are built into it. One type of ADU differs from the next, but all ADUs have certain things in common. In terms of shared traits, ADUs:

  • In some areas of CA, an ADU can be built as large as 1,600 square feet. However, the standard maximum size is 1,200 square feet
  • AUD's are subject to local zoning and building codes including the need for a kitchen and bathroom.

Get Your Perfect ADU Home

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