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Anchored Tiny Homes is the nation’s top stick-built ADU builder with hundreds of completed and active projects in multiple states and growing every day! These ADUs (also called guest houses or granny flats) are helping homeowners earn rental income from their property, or find an affordable option to keep their family close by.

Our model is turnkey, low cost, and gives you the ability to earn an incredible living.

If you have been interested in the construction industry or are a general contractor that would live to specialize then becoming an Anchored Tiny Home Franchisee is a great option!

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Why an Anchored ADU?

Anchored Tiny Homes 2 bedroom ADU model.
Just Waiting To Be Tapped In Your Area

The ADU market is in a stage of exponential growth right now with very few specialized contractors capitalizing on this. Especially in the world of “Stick built ADUs” there is a massive opportunity. If you are wanting to find a niche where the sales almost just come to you, then starting an Anchored ADU Franchise is about as close as you can get.

ADU you home built on a California home property with a white kitchen and green cabinets.
Done For Your Lead Generation And Appointment Setting

When you start an Anchored ADU Franchise, you don’t have to drum up any business on your own. From the second you launch our team of highly trained marketing and appointment-setting experts will launch your ads, qualify every single lead that comes in, and set your sales appointments with customers right on your calendar. All you have to do is go out to the appointment and close the deals!

A 1 bedroom model and an ADU home built by our ADU builders in .
Full Training & Support

With hundreds of projects and thousands of sales appointments under our belts, you can learn from our successes and our failures to make as many sales as you can as well as create happy customers. Our team will train you and your team on everything you need to do to close sales, fulfill on projects, and make an incredible living for yourself and your family. With full scripts, processes, and procedures we are giving you the handbook to success.

ADU you home built on a California home property with a white kitchen and green cabinets.
Who An Anchored Tiny Homes Franchise Is For

Starting an Anchored Tiny Homes franchise is not for those who want to sit back and do nothing, watching the money pile in. Instead, it is for motivated leaders and aspiring business owners who want to start something that is proven and extremely profitable. It does require hard work, especially in the beginning. However, here are some of the common traits of an ideal candidate:

  • Sales or sales management experience
  • Experience with and enjoys building teams
  • No construction or ADU building experience required (but it is helpful)

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