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B-Series 1-Bed 360 sq. ft
B-Series 1-Bed 364 sq. ft
B-Series 1-Bed 436 sq. ft
B-Series 1-Bed 450 sq. ft
B-Series 1-Bed 504 sq. ft
B-Series 1-Bed 576 sq. ft
B-Series 1-Bed 609 sq. ft
B-Series 1-Bed 720 sq. ft
A one bedroom adu model - from Austin small home builders.

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One Bedroom (B Type)

Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are one way to add versatile living space to your home. Whether you’re looking for extra room for your growing family, a private office space for working from home or a rental unit to bring in some extra income, Anchored Tiny Homes’s detached ADU models are a great option.

Anchored Tiny Homes is a family-owned company of licensed and insured Austin small home contractors with more than two generations of experience. Anchored Tiny Homes uses high-quality materials to build affordable and custom tiny homes that include a 1-year workmanship warranty and manufacturer warranties on all finish materials.

If you’re looking for Austin small home contractors, consider Anchored Tiny Homes’s one-bedroom models. Anchored Tiny Homes’s B-series models range from 360 to 720 square feet, and even the smallest one-bedroom floor plan includes a bedroom, full bathroom, kitchen, and living area.

Luxurious Finishes & Features

Full Turnkey Construction & Finishes All Included

Anchored Tiny Homes Austin ADU design and plans included.
Design and Plans Included
Anchored Tiny Homes Austin's ADUs are custom built at your property.
Custom Built at Your Property
Anchored Tiny Homes Austin's ADus utilize an open concept kitchen.
Open Concept Kitchen
Anchored Tiny Homes Austin's ADUs include all appliances.
All Appliances Included
Anchored Tiny Homes Austin's ADUs include full bathrooms.
Full Bathroom
Anchored Tiny Homes Austin's ADUs include quartz countertops.
Quartz Countertops
Anchored Tiny Homes Austin's ADU include french front entry doors.
French Front Entry Doors
Anchored Tiny Homes Austin's ADUs include board and batten siding.
Board and Batten Siding
Anchored Tiny Homes Austin ADUs include slow close cabinets and drawers.
Slow Close Cabinets and Drawers
Anchored Tiny Homes Austin ADUs include mini split heating and air systems.
Mini Split Heating and Air System
Anchored Tiny Homes Austin's ADUs include lifetime composition shingle roof.
Lifetime Composition Shingle Roof
Anchored Tiny Homes Austin's ADUs include house match options.
House Match Options Available
Anchored Tiny Homes Austin's ADUs include many customizable features.
Customizable Features
Anchored Tiny Homes Austin's ADUs include luxury vinyl flooring.
Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Additional Square Footage

Detached ADUs, or ADUs that don’t share a wall with the larger house on the lot, are a versatile option for adding flexible living space for your evolving household.

For example, a young family could use a detached ADU as a rental unit until they need the additional space for kids who live at home. Then, once the kids leave, the aging parents might want to move into the ADU and allow an adult child and grandchildren to live in the larger house. ADUs make it possible to house a variety of household configurations on a lot over time.

One-bedroom ADUs also make great guest houses for hosting out-of-town visitors.

A one bedroom adu model built by professionals at Anchored Tiny Homes Austin.
A one bedroom adu model ideal for providing extra rental income - contact Anchored Tiny Homes Austin.

Rental Income

Detached ADUs are a great choice for homeowners who want to earn rental income. Because they don’t share an entrance or walls with the larger house, detached ADUs offer greater privacy than attached ADUs or garage conversions. This makes ADUs an attractive option for potential renters — especially in neighborhoods where single-family homes make up a majority of the housing options.

While you may lose some privacy by renting to tenants on your lot, maintaining a rental unit in your backyard cuts down on travel time between home and the rental unit and makes monitoring the condition of the unit easier.

Furthermore, the market rate for ADU rental units tends to be higher than that of similar apartments, according to an AARP Livable Communities article, so ADU landlords may be able to achieve a higher return than they would with other options.

Increased Home Value

While ADUs cost money to build up front, they’re an investment — in relatively densely populated areas, homes with ADUs are listed for 35% higher than similar homes in the same area.

Additionally, Anchored Tiny Homes’s Austin small home contractors offer transparent pricing, providing a cost estimate only after completing a comprehensive, free evaluation of your property.

The company handles the entire building process, from designing the tiny house to obtaining permits to building your ADU. Anchored Tiny Homes also offers a variety of financing options, including a home equity line of credit, a cash-out refinance, a renovation or construction loan or an in-house bridge loan.

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A one bedroom adu model from Austin Anchored Tiny Homes.
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  • Alyssa Scavetta
    We got a small 10x10 ADU built in our backyard to use as an office space for myself. When we first talked to Duran, we also wanted something that could double as a guest room. Duran worked with the best in the business to take this tiny ADU to the next level. We're talking vaulted ceilings, a doggie door in the side of the house, recessed lightning, nice modern wood floors, and plenty of light. Plus, I got to have stucco walls to match the exact paint color of our house, and roof shingles to match as well! Duran and Anchored Tiny Homes left no stone unturned. And they did it all in 2 months. I am so so pleased with the results of this project. I would highly recommend Anchored Tiny Homes to anyone in Central Texas looking for an affordable, custom, high quality ADU built on their land!
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