ADU Garage Conversions

Now you can easily and affordably convert already existing and often unused garage, workshop, or other structure into a beautiful additional living area.

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ADU Garage Contractor in Grand Rapids / Traverse City, MI

Anchored Tiny Homes

If you have a detached garage, attached garage, workshop, or other structure on your property, you may be able to convert it into a beautiful living space to make extra income or keep family close by without taking up any extra room!

Built right inside of your space, we will come out and turn that garage into a home fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and more depending on what floorplan you design with our team. Interested in a free estimate? As an ADU garage conversion contractor in Grand Rapids / Traverse City, MI, we're here to help!

In addition to our expertise in garage conversions, Anchored Tiny Homes takes great pride in offering an extensive array of services for accessory dwelling units. Our commitment to providing innovative housing solutions extends beyond the conversion of existing spaces.

Claim Your Free Property Analysis and Estimate!
Claim Your Free Property Analysis and Estimate!
Anchored Tiny Homes of Grand Rapids & Northern Michigan in front of a white ADU, done by our garage contractor in Grand Rapids / Traverse City, MI.
Anchored Tiny Homes of Grand Rapids & Northern Michigan ADU garage contractor.
What is a Garage Conversion?
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The remodel of a garage from a storage or sheltered parking space into a living space is called a garage conversion. The process entails quite a bit more than moving the cars, bikes and storage boxes out and moving a couch in. In fact, these remodels can take an exterior space and revamp the electrical, insulation and interior into an elevated and luxurious space.

Why Invest In A Garage Conversion?

This type of remodel may not be appealing to all. Some homeowners feel they need their garage. However, for many others it is a great option for increasing the living square footage of their home without having to embark on a more complex addition. Furthermore, it may be a better option for some than selling and buying a new home. To help decide if a garage conversion is right for you, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are we maxing out our current living space? Are we in need of a specific addition like a home office or guest room?
  • Does our garage service a need as it is? Or is it a space that doesn’t receive much traffic or use?

For many homeowners, the need for a garage will depend on the climate of the area in which they live, their hobbies and priorities. Some people will prefer to have a new home office and have no issue using street parking for their vehicle. Others may need a garage to house their cars, bikes, canoes, hiking gear etc. These are some things to consider when deciding if a garage conversion is right for you.

If you find you fall under the category of person that would really love to have a little more room on their property, then you will want to check out the services provided by Anchored Tiny Homes.

An attached ADU model white bathroom.

Why Choose Anchored Tiny Homes?

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Anchored Tiny Homes is a garage contractor in Grand Rapids / Traverse City, MI striving for excellence with each of their remodels. When choosing to make a conversion of this kind, working with experienced professionals will be greatly beneficial. A poorly completed garage conversion can look just how you might think — like a garage that has been turned into a bedroom. Professionals that work with this specific type of remodel are experienced in making the conversion a sleek and complete remodel. Their attention to detail will create a new living space with a seamless and refined look.

The team of professionals will come directly to your property and remodel your unused garage, workshop, or other structure into the living space you desire. With their help the process will be easy and affordable. You may be surprised to find your garage, that once had one function, can be transformed into a tiny home fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom,and living room. Anchored Tiny Homes are experts at taking small spaces and turning them into more. They will work with you to develop a floorplan to accomplish your remodel goals. Interested in a free estimate? Contact one of our ADU garage conversion contractor today!


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All of our finished ADUs come with:

  • Complete project management from A-Z
  • A full bathroom featuring a subway tile shower
  • Bright and spacious layouts to maximize the space
  • Full kitchen featuring quartz countertops, subway tile backsplash, slow close shaker style cabinets and drawers, all appliances, and multiple sinks, faucets,s and light fixtures to choose from.
  • All necessary appliances including a 4-top range, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, mini-split heating and air units, water heater, and stacked washer and dryer.
  • Dozens of personalization and upgrade options including deck/porches, materials upgrades on the interior and exterior to match your needs, and more!
  • Unique “Anchored ADU System” gives you a high-quality Turn-key ADU that is move-in ready in at little time and with as little stress as possible!
  • And much more!

Whether you’re ready to welcome your in-laws to your property or looking for a way to make rental income each month, Grand Rapids / Traverse City, MI attached ADUs are an ideal solution. Opt for the highest possible quality and a customizable outcome with Anchored Tiny Homes. Get a free estimate today!

An outdoor light on a converted ADU garage.
Anchored Tiny Homes of Grand Rapids & Northern Michigan catalog.

See All Our Pre-Designed ADU Models, Floorplans, and Finishes

See our most popular floor plans for 15 detached ADUs in one guide. This guide breaks down the estimate, shows you a rendering of each unit, and everything that comes standard.

Additional Services
Anchored Tiny Homes in Grand Rapids / Traverse City

Why an Anchored ADU?

All Anchored Tiny Homes of Grand Rapids & Northern Michigan contractors are experts in ADU construction.
Built at Your Property By Experts

At Anchored Tiny Homes, we don’t just find whatever subcontractors are available to work to build your ADU. We have a trusted team of experts that will be building your new ADU from the ground up right on your property and handling every part of your project from the foundation to the finishes with excellence!

Anchored Tiny Homes of Grand Rapids & Northern Michigan experts will handle the whole build out process.
Turnkey Anchored ADU System

We handle the whole process for you from start to finish. Starting with the design, then putting together plans and blueprints, getting everything submitted and approved for permits, building your ADU on your property, and hooking everything up to utilities. In the end, you get a completed, move-in-ready ADU right in your backyard!

All Anchored Tiny Homes of Grand Rapids & Northern Michigan ADUs are built with the highest quality materials.
High-Quality Materials

The materials that come included as a standard with every Anchored ADU give you a beautiful new space guaranteed! From the quartz countertops and handcrafted cabinets to the subway tile curbless shower, to the luxury vinyl floors throughout, and the overall open concept, our Anchored ADUs allow your tenants or family to live in luxury.

At Anchored Tiny Homes of Grand Rapids & Northern Michigan we strive to be transparent with our customers.
Transparent Pricing

With an Anchored ADU, there are no hidden fees or bait and switch tactics to get you to sign contracts which is why we don’t give firm estimates until we come out and evaluate your property at no cost to you. This way you have an exact idea of how much everything is going to cost before we even start your project so that you can make the best, most informed decision possible.

A converted ADU garage.

ADU Garage Contractor in Grand Rapids / Traverse City, MI

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And this option is a much lower cost than building a new unit from the ground up! We handle the whole process for you from design to permits to construction so you don’t have to worry about a thing! You just sit back, relax, and we leave with you a new, beautiful ADU ready for tenants or family to move in! Want to see if you can convert your garage into an ADU and get a firm estimate?

3 Steps to Build Your Garage Conversion
Contact Us Today

Don't hesitate to reach out by phone or text to complete your free property analysis and estimate! We'll reach out to discuss the specifics of your project, encompassing preliminary cost estimates, and we'll arrange a face-to-face meeting for one of our ADU specialists to personally inspect your property.

Create Your Perfect Space

Construction can begin as soon as we have a firm understanding of what you're looking for with your ADU design. Throughout the entire process, we'll keep open communication with you, addressing aspects such as floor plans, finishes, permits, and all the intricacies that go into creating your dream ADU space.

Enjoy Your New ADU!

Once construction is finished, you'll be left with the keys to your brand-new ADU! Tailored precisely to meet your needs, we hope your garage conversion becomes a backdrop to countless memories and a space where your next chapter can begin.

See More ADU Models

Explore Dozens Of Financing Options For Your ADU

Get your free ADU property analysis + estimate today!

3 Steps to Build Your Backyard Home


Contact Us Today

Give us a call or fill out a form to request your FREE property analysis and estimate. We’ll then talk with you to go over a few more details about your project, go over rough pricing with you, and if it sounds good to you, set up your in-person appointment to have one of our ADU experts come out, and inspect your property and give you a firm estimate!


We Create Your Perfect Space

Once we understand your goals, know you can build, and signed a contract for your project we will go ahead and start your project. We will work and communicate with you throughout the entire project including confirming floor plans, finishes, creating plans, submitting for permits, and constructing your new ADU!


Enjoy Your New ADU!

Once we have done a final walkthrough with you and handed over the keys you will be left with a beautiful, fully finished ADU built exactly to your needs so that you can move your family in or start renting it out right and start making additional income right away!

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What Our Customers Say About Us

  • Bobbie Bice
    So grateful for anchored tiny homes what a blessing this company is!
  • dball913
    The project initially commenced with standard expectations, yet encountered numerous challenges and setbacks along the way. Despite an anticipated completion timeframe of 6-8 months, the endeavor extended nearly two years. Communication emerged as a prominent issue, with prolonged periods of inactivity lasting up to three weeks at a time. Additionally, the project underwent managerial transitions on seven separate occasions, further complicating matters. However, the introduction of Martin Schafer marked a pivotal turning point. Martin’s proactive approach and exceptional dedication revitalized project dynamics. His unwavering commitment and efforts transcended expectations, significantly improving project outcomes. The resultant work achieved commendable standards, garnering praise from observers for its exceptional quality. Acknowledging the transitional challenges faced by the company, it is imperative to recognize Martin's instrumental role in salvaging the project. Without his exemplary leadership, the project's overall rating would have undoubtedly suffered.
  • nona dadash
    It was about a year ago that we signed the contract with ATH and our ADU is in its final stages. Along the way in the building of my ADU, there have been bumps in the road; rainy weather, construction delays, lack of communication, designer and project manager changes, but let's be real I don't think you can have a construction project that you don't run into challenges, delays, and problems. ATH Is no exception to this fact unless you have expert and caring people on your team. I was lucky enough to have some of these people on my team; Rick Manzanares as my ADU specialist and Bob Brecht as my project manager. Rick has been my go-to person since day one; he is transparent, caring, knowledgeable, honest, and helpful. Bob is my 2nd project manager who came to save my project when I was not happy with the progress of my project; he did his best to keep things moving quickly, communicated almost daily, and managed the contractor and workers as best he could.; I'm so grateful for his good attitude, responsibility, and work ethics. My ADU looks beautiful so far and I can't wait to see the finished work. I will take a pic and post it here later.
  • Rose Disney
    I signed with ATH three years ago when they were a new and rapidly growing business, so there've been some...growing pains. That said, although ATH isn't the first contractor we've run into that couldn't deliver on 100% of their promises, they are the ONLY contractor I've ever worked with that has shown a consistent and long-term willingness to try. In my opinion, my project manager Martin is the shining star of ATH. He clearly puts all of himself into his job. He's super responsive and helpful and goes above and beyond to make sure everything meets the expectations set back when my contract was first signed with the company. I'm truly grateful to have him as my point of contact.
  • Joe Manzo
    The process of getting the unit built took longer than expected but it was exceptionally handled by our Project Manager Martin Schafer. Throughout the project Martin worked extremely hard to make sure things went as smooth as possible. He made several attempts and had success in getting the project completed. Should you decide to have a unit built, ask for Martin to be your Project Manager. You will be happy you did!
  • Ava R
    Very organized information and easy to navigate website. Catalog easily downloaded. Only cons is pricing.
  • Eric Harvey
    We worked with ATH to build a custom ADU in our backyard, and we are very happy with the way it turned out. The project had some unexpected turns and bumps in the road, like building projects always do, and ATH made navigating them much easier and faster. Our project manager, Pamela, went above and beyond to make sure things were done right and the changes we requested in the course of construction were implemented.
  • Ted Scranton
    Martin and Jordan were a pleasure to work with on our ADU project over the last 2 years. Although there were several hiccups along the way we are happy with how the final product turned out.
  • Wendy “Wendizzle”
    We did a phone call and Rick was very knowledgeable and had screen sharing so I could see my options.
  • Blanca Gavina
    I’ve been working with Anchored Tiny home for almost 2 years. Roman Sandoval has been wonderful! His communication is amazing and has offered me exceptional customer service. He has answered all of my questions promptly and he is very thorough. I absolutely love my new ADU!
  • Bradley Jones
    Anchored Tiny Homes is the unquestionable leader in the building of accessory dwelling units across the United States. They will change the course of affordable housing in America.
  • Sunny Lombardi
    I am kicking off an ADU build with ATH any day now…well down the path and will add to this initial review later. I did want to share what my experience has been to date with ATH. I was super fortunate to meet Lawrence Kao of ATH first. As a sales professional myself I can’t help but not only think about the product but also the salesperson style. Lawrence has been an easily accessible and responsive pro. He has been able to answer any question I have had with ease and has instilled the kind of trust that causes one to feel great to work with the business and person representing it. Can’t wait for next steps and am stoked the project kicked off with Mr. Kao!
  • Brian Negri
    Lawrence Kao has been a colleague and mentor of mine. He is the consummate professional and a true expert in the ADU world. When considering an ADU, you want a good partner and that's what Lawrence brings to your project.
  • Alicia Smith
    Lawrence has been an incredible resource in assisting us in strategies in developing on our properties. His wealth of knowledge on ADUs specifically on the investment side is incredible. We look forward to partnering with Anchored Tiny Homes on our further investment endeavors.
  • Dina Mahshi
    I recently had the pleasure of working with Anchored Tiny Homes in Sacramento to build a one-bedroom unit for my mother, and I must say the experience was exceptional. One of the standout aspects of my interaction with Anchored was the transparency and clarity regarding project costs. The agreed-upon project cost and payment schedule were adhered to without any deviation. It was a relief to have no hidden fees or unexpected additional costs, which can often be a concern in construction projects. The coordination with the city for permits and inspections was another commendable aspect. Anchored Tiny Homes demonstrated efficiency in navigating the bureaucratic process, ensuring that permits were obtained, and inspections were carried out promptly. This streamlined approach made the overall process simple and hassle-free. I cannot speak highly enough about our project manager, Martin. His professionalism, kindness, and honesty made the entire experience enjoyable. What stood out the most was Martin's proactive approach to problem-solving. Rather than just presenting issues, he always came prepared with viable solutions, making decision-making easy and efficient. Although the project timeline extended slightly beyond the initially promised timeframe due to a delay in building materials, the crew's efficiency was evident once they broke ground. Despite this minor delay, we successfully moved my mother into her new home on Mother's Day, creating a memorable and special moment for our family. Moreover, the after-sales service from Anchored Tiny Homes has been outstanding. Any concerns or issues with the unit are promptly addressed without pushback, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction. Anchored Tiny Homes commitment to transparency, efficient project management, and excellent customer service, especially through Martin, made the process smooth and resulted in a beautiful and beloved home for my mother. I highly recommend Anchored Tiny Homes for anyone considering a tiny home construction project. Call Martin today for a free estimate and tell him I sent you to get $2500 off your project price.
  • Chantall Walton
    "Working with Roman Sandoval was an absolute game-changer for our construction project. He stepped in at a critical moment, taking over from previous contractors who had failed to deliver. His approach was nothing short of exceptional. Roman not only completed the tasks at hand but went above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. His dedication to doing the job right was evident in every aspect of his work. Without his timely intervention, our dream home would still be an incomplete project. We are immensely grateful for Roman's extraordinary efforts and unwavering support. He is, without doubt, the best contractor we have ever worked with. Thank you, Roman Sandoval! Here’s 5 stars that are well deserved! 🙏🏼
  • Mary Ann Ballesteros
    I had an idea of what I wanted for my 3 bedroom ADU to replace my mini basketball court in my backyard ... Colton and Anchored Tiny Homes took my vision: ATH, the designers, Roman Sandoval and APC made it all happen... they made my vision come to life! Along the way in the building of my ADU, there were road bumps, permit delays, the stormy weather, construction delays to name a few.... but this is where I would be so proud to say ... "T'was late but worth the wait!!!"!!! My ADU looks absolutely beautiful and amazing! The quality of work, the workmanship is truly exceptional! Shout out to Dee (ATH miracle staff), Roman (ATH project manager) and Armando (Absolute Precision) for making this project smooth sailing.... I was completely amazed by the way ATH handled my issues with transparency and a positive approach towards making things right. . . And yes, ATH made it happen! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️!!!
  • Peter Rizzo
    Great website
  • M W
    Anchored Tiny Homes just completed a wonderful backyard home office for us. We love our office and had a great experience with Anchored and their subs. They came in with a very fair price and worked with us throughout the process to make sure we got what we wanted and needed out of the design and final product. We have already recommended them to multiple friends and neighbors. Thank you Jordan especially!
  • lisa renken
    I had Anchored Tiny Homes build an ADU in my backyard in Lincoln Ca for my folks. Colton was always professional, positive and worked with integrity. Anchored worked through a few issues with promptness and understanding! My folks, and I, couldn't be happier, it's perfect!
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