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If you are seeking a custom solution, we can tailor your ADU precisely to your needs, ensuring a seamless addition to your property.

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Houston Custom Tiny Home Builders

Anchored Tiny Homes

Are you seeking a custom solution for your anchored ADU needs? Look no further than Anchored Tiny Homes, a family-owned business with more than two generations of building experience.

Our team specializes in custom tiny built homes in Houston, TX, and is dedicated to designing and constructing the perfect ADU to match your unique style, requirements, and preferences.

Whether you're building an ADU for a parent, looking to match the style of your main home or have a specific space that demands custom dimensions, our in-house experts will work with you to create the ultimate customized ADU.

All of our ADU models are built on-site so we can tailor them precisely to your needs, ensuring a seamless addition to your property.

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Houston custom tiny home builders at Anchored Tiny Homes.
What are the Benefits of a Custom Model?

Choosing a custom model instead of opting for a preset model with Anchored Tiny Homes offers distinct benefits:

  • Tailored to Your Lifestyle: You can design a space that supports your daily activities. Whether it’s for work, fitness, or leisure, a custom design can fit your lifestyle perfectly.
  • Personal Touch: Selecting a custom model means having control over every detail. From wall colors to cabinetry, your personality will shine through in your ADU space.
  • Innovative and Unique: Custom models allow you to go beyond conventional designs with a home that’s as unique as your imagination. This allows for innovative features that preset models can’t offer.
  • Efficient Use of Space: With a custom model option, you can tailor your space to fit your storage needs, making the most of every inch. Custom designs ensure that no space is wasted and everything has its place.
  • Site Adaptability: A custom model can be designed to take full advantage of your property’s unique features, such as views, sunlight, and terrain. We make sure that your new space will blend in perfectly with the natural beauty of your property and existing residence.
A studio adu model built by professionals at Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial with a kitchen sink - Houston custom tiny home builders.

Features of Our Custom Built Tiny Homes in Houston, TX

At Anchored Tiny Homes, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive project management from start to finish. Our goal is a seamless, stress-free journey for our clients as we create their dream accessory dwelling unit. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every detail we consider.

Here’s a look into some of the high-quality features you can expect when you choose to build with us:

  • Dual-pane windows
  • Concrete slab foundation
  • Your choice of sinks, faucets, and light fixtures
  • Manufacturer warranties on all finished materials
  • Bright and spacious layout to maximize living space
  • LP board and batten siding (other materials available)
  • Lifetime composition shingle roof (other options available)
  • A full bathroom with a single vanity and subway tile shower
  • A full kitchen featuring quartz countertops and subway tile backsplash
  • All necessary appliances including a 4-top range, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, mini-split heating and air units, water heater, and stacked washer and dryer

We also offer personalization and upgrade options, such as a deck or porch, and interior and exterior material upgrades to match your needs. When you choose a custom ADU, every square foot is uniquely yours.

Our unique "Anchored ADU System" is a high-quality, turn-key solution that is move-in ready.

A beautifully built ADU - explore custom built tiny homes in Houston, TX built by Anchored Tiny Homes.

Crafting Your Custom ADU to Match Your Main Home

Are you dreaming of a mini home that matches your main home?

When you choose to build a custom ADU with Anchored Tiny Homes, your new space will be crafted to perfection. From materials, color schemes, and architectural style, we make sure everything fits your existing residence.

Our experienced design team collaborates closely with you to understand your vision. We consider factors such as roof lines, exterior finishes, window styles, and your property's natural features like views, sunlight, and terrain.

For the interior, we focus on finishes, fixtures, and fittings that reflect the look and feel of your main home. Things like kitchen cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and bathroom tiles are all considered when designing a layout that speaks to your unique style.

At Anchored Tiny Homes, we are committed to delivering spaces that embody both beauty and practicality. Trust us to create a beautifully integrated and functional addition to your home.

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Luxurious Finishes & Features

Full Turnkey Construction & Finishes All Included

Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial ADU design and plans included.
Design and Plans Included
Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial's ADUs are custom built at your property.
Custom Built at Your Property
Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial's ADus utilize an open concept kitchen.
Open Concept Kitchen
Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial's ADUs include all appliances.
All Appliances Included
Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial's ADUs include full bathrooms.
Full Bathroom
Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial's ADUs include quartz countertops.
Quartz Countertops
Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial's ADU include french front entry doors.
French Front Entry Doors
Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial's ADUs include board and batten siding.
Board and Batten Siding
Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial ADUs include slow close cabinets and drawers.
Slow Close Cabinets and Drawers
Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial ADUs include mini split heating and air systems.
Mini Split Heating and Air System
Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial's ADUs include lifetime composition shingle roof.
Lifetime Composition Shingle Roof
Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial's ADUs include house match options.
House Match Options Available
Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial's ADUs include many customizable features.
Customizable Features
Anchored Tiny Homes Houston / Memorial's ADUs include luxury vinyl flooring.
Luxury Vinyl Flooring
Anchored Tiny Homes the top provider of custom tiny built homes in Houston, TX.

Why Choose Anchored Tiny Homes

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With over 30 years in the industry, our family-owned business has mastered the art of custom-built tiny homes in Houston, TX. Our experience means that we can overcome any challenges that may arise during the building process.

With 20+ floor plans, you can choose between attached or detached ADUs, garage conversions, pool houses, offices, and more. Our team specializes in innovative design and works hard to make your ADU pleasing to look at while being durable, sustainable, and complying with local building codes and regulations. 

With a long track record of success stories and high client satisfaction rates, we consistently deliver on expectations. Backed by transparent pricing, a 1-year workmanship warranty, and manufacturer warranties on all finished materials, we give you peace of mind while working on your project.

Ready to explore the possibilities of a custom ADU on your property?

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What Our Customers Say About Us

  • Wendy “Wendizzle”
    We did a phone call and Rick was very knowledgeable and had screen sharing so I could see my options.
  • Blanca Gavina
    I’ve been working with Anchored Tiny home for almost 2 years. Roman Sandoval has been wonderful! His communication is amazing and has offered me exceptional customer service. He has answered all of my questions promptly and he is very thorough. I absolutely love my new ADU!
  • Bradley Jones
    Anchored Tiny Homes is the unquestionable leader in the building of accessory dwelling units across the United States. They will change the course of affordable housing in America.
  • Sunny Lombardi
    I am kicking off an ADU build with ATH any day now…well down the path and will add to this initial review later. I did want to share what my experience has been to date with ATH. I was super fortunate to meet Lawrence Kao of ATH first. As a sales professional myself I can’t help but not only think about the product but also the salesperson style. Lawrence has been an easily accessible and responsive pro. He has been able to answer any question I have had with ease and has instilled the kind of trust that causes one to feel great to work with the business and person representing it. Can’t wait for next steps and am stoked the project kicked off with Mr. Kao!
  • Brian Negri
    Lawrence Kao has been a colleague and mentor of mine. He is the consummate professional and a true expert in the ADU world. When considering an ADU, you want a good partner and that's what Lawrence brings to your project.
  • Alicia Smith
    Lawrence has been an incredible resource in assisting us in strategies in developing on our properties. His wealth of knowledge on ADUs specifically on the investment side is incredible. We look forward to partnering with Anchored Tiny Homes on our further investment endeavors.
  • Dina Mahshi
    I recently had the pleasure of working with Anchored Tiny Homes in Sacramento to build a one-bedroom unit for my mother, and I must say the experience was exceptional. One of the standout aspects of my interaction with Anchored was the transparency and clarity regarding project costs. The agreed-upon project cost and payment schedule were adhered to without any deviation. It was a relief to have no hidden fees or unexpected additional costs, which can often be a concern in construction projects. The coordination with the city for permits and inspections was another commendable aspect. Anchored Tiny Homes demonstrated efficiency in navigating the bureaucratic process, ensuring that permits were obtained, and inspections were carried out promptly. This streamlined approach made the overall process simple and hassle-free. I cannot speak highly enough about our project manager, Martin. His professionalism, kindness, and honesty made the entire experience enjoyable. What stood out the most was Martin's proactive approach to problem-solving. Rather than just presenting issues, he always came prepared with viable solutions, making decision-making easy and efficient. Although the project timeline extended slightly beyond the initially promised timeframe due to a delay in building materials, the crew's efficiency was evident once they broke ground. Despite this minor delay, we successfully moved my mother into her new home on Mother's Day, creating a memorable and special moment for our family. Moreover, the after-sales service from Anchored Tiny Homes has been outstanding. Any concerns or issues with the unit are promptly addressed without pushback, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction. Anchored Tiny Homes commitment to transparency, efficient project management, and excellent customer service, especially through Martin, made the process smooth and resulted in a beautiful and beloved home for my mother. I highly recommend Anchored Tiny Homes for anyone considering a tiny home construction project. Call Martin today for a free estimate and tell him I sent you to get $2500 off your project price.
  • Chantall Walton
    "Working with Roman Sandoval was an absolute game-changer for our construction project. He stepped in at a critical moment, taking over from previous contractors who had failed to deliver. His approach was nothing short of exceptional. Roman not only completed the tasks at hand but went above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. His dedication to doing the job right was evident in every aspect of his work. Without his timely intervention, our dream home would still be an incomplete project. We are immensely grateful for Roman's extraordinary efforts and unwavering support. He is, without doubt, the best contractor we have ever worked with. Thank you, Roman Sandoval! Here’s 5 stars that are well deserved! 🙏🏼
  • Mary Ann Ballesteros
    I had an idea of what I wanted for my 3 bedroom ADU to replace my mini basketball court in my backyard ... Colton and Anchored Tiny Homes took my vision: ATH, the designers, Roman Sandoval and APC made it all happen... they made my vision come to life! Along the way in the building of my ADU, there were road bumps, permit delays, the stormy weather, construction delays to name a few.... but this is where I would be so proud to say ... "T'was late but worth the wait!!!"!!! My ADU looks absolutely beautiful and amazing! The quality of work, the workmanship is truly exceptional! Shout out to Dee (ATH miracle staff), Roman (ATH project manager) and Armando (Absolute Precision) for making this project smooth sailing.... I was completely amazed by the way ATH handled my issues with transparency and a positive approach towards making things right. . . And yes, ATH made it happen! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️!!!
  • Peter Rizzo
    Great website
  • M W
    Anchored Tiny Homes just completed a wonderful backyard home office for us. We love our office and had a great experience with Anchored and their subs. They came in with a very fair price and worked with us throughout the process to make sure we got what we wanted and needed out of the design and final product. We have already recommended them to multiple friends and neighbors. Thank you Jordan especially!
  • lisa renken
    I had Anchored Tiny Homes build an ADU in my backyard in Lincoln Ca for my folks. Colton was always professional, positive and worked with integrity. Anchored worked through a few issues with promptness and understanding! My folks, and I, couldn't be happier, it's perfect!
  • Rochelle Garcia
    My Project Manager Jordan and Contractor Raymond were really good. They identified potential issues that I hadn’t thought through. They even sought out the best sub contractors who were friendly efficient and reliable. I was really pleased about the final finished product . The house is beautiful Raymond and Jordan were god sent .
  • Josh Varcoe
    They are an absolutely fantastic company, that truly specializes in their work and takes amazing care of their customers.
  • Maria Lourdes
    Darrell, a new addition to Anchored Tiny Homes Team, is the Construction Project Manager on my ADU project in El Cerrito (Spanish for the "the hill"). He is the point of contact - and I am so pleased! I have generally 24/7 access - he picks up the phone if he is available and when I leave him a message, he responds within 24 hours. From the initial site walk-thru to the many conversations back and forth to my recent nightmare with the architectural design, I give 5 stars to Darrell and Ali (Romgerd Construction) for professional customer service. Both are upfront in telling me what is wrong and advising me as to how to make it right. What I am going through right now with the flawed architectural design is a nightmare, I am comforted with knowing that Darrell and Ali is on my side. Absolutely yes- DARRELL works for his client and that's ME!
  • Suresh Daniel
    ATH is a great and professional company , you can trust and build a new home or ADU. Nick Milsap is a wonderful salesperson and and he keeps his word and follows through on every commitment he makes. Their project manager, Patrick Sayed is a capable person to get the project done with right resources and highest quality. You can’t go wrong with ATH
  • B
    Couldn’t have better things to say about Anchored tiny homes and their team. They were always on time, knowledgeable and delivered our dream ADU beyond our expectations! They made the process easy and affordable. Their quality and customization are really incredible and we couldn’t say better things about the Anchored Team. We would recommend them to any and everyone!
  • Larry Lamota
    About finished up with my ADU Anchored is building for my grandmother, their designer made everything ADA accessible which I didn't even know would be possible in a tiny home, but it turned out perfect! This ADU and anchored is a perfect solution if you need elderly ADA-accessible housing on your property.
  • ileana pavel
    Build an ADU with Anchored Tiny Homes in Sacramento it came out amazing. Having a turn-key contractor it's really the best way to go especially if you are doing this for an investment property. Nice just to pay someone to build it and collect your rent money. Very happy.
  • Kevin Craig
    Amazing team and an amazing product! If you are looking for custom ADUs, this is the one.