Aug 14th, 2023

How to Know if You’re the Ideal Anchored Tiny Homes Franchise Owner

Whether you’re thinking of becoming a business owner for the first time or you’re a lifelong serial entrepreneur, there’s one question that first comes to mind with a franchise: "Is this right for me?" With the Anchored Tiny Homes franchise, anyone–and we mean anyone–can be successful in our line of work. This is because of how we’ve structured our franchise business model to leverage contractors for the heavy lifting, paired with the comprehensive initial training you receive in the beginning.

However, as we continue in our second year of offering tiny home franchise business opportunities, we’ve found certain traits in our most successful franchisee candidates that we would love to share with you! So, let’s take a look at why franchising may be right for you, the top reasons Anchored Tiny Homes is one of the best franchises on the market today, and how to tell if you’re the ideal fit to become our next tiny home Franchise Owner.

Why Franchising?

While business ownership is a common dream many of us share, it’s far from easy for the average person to embark on by themselves. According to Investopedia, three of the four most common reasons businesses fail is due to poor management from the beginning, a lack of upfront business planning, and failure to consider the marketing needs of the business. With a franchise, you’re joining an established brand that has already done all the hard work for you; your job is to follow the system that was created for you.

Established Systems & Built-In Support

When you build your own business from scratch, there’s no manual to tell you how to handle each situation you may encounter. Instead, you’re forced to rely on your business acumen and resourcefulness. This option may work for some and make them incredibly successful, but it’s often incredibly difficult and typically results in burnout.

Anchored Tiny Homes teams working together to create the most beautiful products possible for our clients.

Instead, a franchise provides people interested in owning a business with the opportunity but without the same level of risk. Franchisees receive a system of carefully built processes for daily operations and a readily available support team to ensure they remain successful.

Why Anchored Tiny Homes?

Anchored Tiny Homes is a unique franchise business opportunity and the first ever in the accessory dwelling unit (ADU) and tiny homes space. While we’re new to the franchise world, our founding family has been in the construction industry for decades. This means that you can trust the expertise and assistance that our corporate team will provide when you need it most. And when you consider the outstanding financials we bring to our Franchise Owners, starting your ADU franchise is a no-brainer.

  1. Explosive Tiny Home Industry Growth
  2. The ADU market is in a stage of exponential growth right now, but very few contractors specialize in this type of work, and most that do aren’t capitalizing on the vast demand. That sounds good on paper, but how are the numbers? Well, in 2019, 70,000 properties with ADUs were sold compared to only 8,000 sold in 20001, which is a massive 775% increase!

    Additionally, the growth of the ADU rental market is also skyrocketing, with over 8,000 ADUs being leased in 2019, up from less than 1,000 in 2000. Whether this is through homeowners building ADUs on their property and renting them to friends or family or through investors turning recent purchases into multi-unit rentals, the growth is undeniable, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

  3. Become Part of the Solution
  4. The housing crisis in the U.S. is–unfortunately–nothing new. Still, it continues to affect millions of Americans every single day, with many of those affected being forced to live unhoused. The construction of ADUs may only be one solution, but the amount of affordable housing it could add to the country if it were widely adopted could have a significant impact on the state of housing well into the future.

    When you join Anchored Tiny Homes, you gain an ADU business of your own, but you also adopt our founding family’s ultimate goal of becoming part of the solution to solve the affordable housing crisis. While we are the only tiny house franchise on the market, our franchisees have the opportunity to make a difference in addition to capitalizing on a growing, untapped market.

  5. Our Financial Outlook
  6. We often talk of our franchise business model as being a “tiny investment for massive returns,” but what does that mean? Today, our initial financial investment range to start your Anchored Tiny Homes business is between $136,250 and $262,000. However, across our ten company-owned California territories, our gross sales were $49,280,1882, and our direct gross profit was $14,889,9343. Franchises can rarely claim profit margins this high, but thanks to our robust but straightforward franchise business model, we make it happen.


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Our Ideal Anchored Tiny Homes Franchisee

As the only tiny house franchise in the country, we’ve designed our system to allow anyone with a strong sales background or corporate executive experience to thrive. While no prior construction experience is required and franchisees can come from various backgrounds, general contractors, realtors, mortgage brokers, and sales reps make ideal tiny home Franchise Owners. Here’s what it takes to be a successful Franchisee with Anchored Tiny Homes:

Anchored Tiny Homes looks for only the best when it comes to our franchise owners - could you be one of them?
Strong Sales Background

At Anchored Tiny Homes, our Franchise Owner support team will assist you in all the lead generation for your territory as you get started. With that being said, you will need strong sales skills you can tap into as you attend each appointment to ensure you close the deals that our team sets up for you. While our tiny home business model and products typically speak for themselves–even in the most regulated markets–you still need to establish those connections with your customers in your community to get them to trust you and sign on for their own ADU.

Management Experience

In the construction industry, you’re expected to successfully work alongside various other roles, including Project Managers, General Contractors, Specialists, and more.

If you want to be successful with your new tiny house business, you’ll need expertise in managing people and projects and knowledge of the best practices and aspects that go into effective teamwork. Even if you have zero experience in the home construction industry, your management skills will still help you build better relationships with your contractors than someone without. As you start your own Anchored Tiny Homes franchise, you will be significantly more prepared to hit the ground running when you have a management background to lean on.

Driven by Vision

Anchored Tiny Homes was founded with the vision of solving the U.S. housing crisis, and this has continued to be our driving motivation and mission to this day. When you can align your everyday work and goals with our systematic franchise business model and your overall vision, you’ll be amazed at the growth you can achieve in your territory! Business as usual can sustain many entrepreneurs for a while, but having a vision and using it as your driving force will help you be successful in any line of work, especially in the ADU and tiny home space.

Desire to Connect With & Impact the Community

When you join the Anchored Tiny Homes franchise, you very quickly get to know the people and areas of your community that you never knew existed! If you want your tiny home business to prosper and grow to create wealth for yourself and your family, you need to be eager and willing to connect with those new neighborhoods. This will not only help you leverage your entire territory, but it will also make a lasting impact on your community for the better! Plus, you never want to discount the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

Real Estate Experience

Few industries can prepare a future Anchored Tiny Homes Franchise Owner quite as well as the real estate industry. Whether that comes in the form of experience as a real estate agent, a background in flipping homes, hands-on experience working directly in home construction, or a combination of these different fields, they give a franchisee knowledge that will help them start Anchored Tiny Homes work much quicker than others without.

That said, you can still be incredibly successful as an Anchored Tiny Homes Franchise Owner without prior experience in real estate. While knowledge of the housing industry has proven helpful to a handful of our current tiny house Franchise Owners, our onboarding training was designed to help business owners from any industry get familiar with the world of ADUs and tiny homes. This way, everyone can hit the ground running in their territory and feel comfortable selling, regardless of the expertise they had going in.

Anchored Tiny Homes The No-Brainer Choice

While the benefits of joining a franchise of any kind are clear Anchored Tiny Homes has a growing housing development industry and excellent financials that make investing with us a no-brainer decision. Whether you see yourself as the ideal tiny home franchisee now or you have questions on how your background could help you in becoming a Franchise Owner with us, there’s no better time to learn more than today. To see if you qualify, contact us to get started, or check out our website for more information!

Anchored Tiny Homes business owner hoping to make peoples lives better with professionally built ADUs.

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