Nov 6th, 2023

Welcome Dorien Couch: The Newest Texas Franchise Owner to Join Anchored Tiny Homes!

While many markets are seeing the seasonal demand for home construction and accessory dwelling unit (ADU) requests decrease, Anchored Tiny Homes is experiencing amazing growth as we continue to sign on new Franchisees every month. Last month, we were preparing to launch in Boise, Idaho, but this month, we’re heading to warm San Antonio, Texas, with Dorien Couch and his wife Leticia! Join us in welcoming the couple to the ADU and tiny home business, as well as the tight-knit franchise family here at Anchored Tiny Homes!

Introducing Dorien Couch: the Next Owner to Join the Anchored Tiny Homes Team!

Dorien’s Background

Since graduating from MIT, Dorien has held a distinct career with over 20 years in commercial real estate. While he began in the oil and gas industry and eventually moved into the world of education, his most recent roles were in Facilities and Project Management positions for major tech companies like Google and Apple.

Together with veteran turned chef wife, Leticia Couch, the couple has indulged Dorien’s interest in construction by dedicating their free time over the last decade to flipping homes and renovating their own homes. Recently, the couple relocated from the Philadelphia area to Austin, Texas, where they are setting down roots and plan to stay during – at least – the first five years of development for their tiny home franchise.

A headshot of Dorien Couch, the newest franchise owner at Anchored Tiny Homes bringing the business to San Antonio, TX.
Making the Move Into Franchising

Years before stumbling upon Anchored Tiny Homes, thanks to a quick Google search, Dorien Couch transitioned into the tech industry from education. It was in the tech industry that he witnessed the mass layoffs and frustrations of the corporate world that would eventually convince him to start looking into franchising as an alternative career path and the first step into becoming an entrepreneur.

As Dorien began to research franchising, both he and Leticia also began looking into the ADU/tiny homes business as a result of the tiny house craze. With his experience in real estate, construction, and project management, the couple was excited and comfortable with the idea of pursuing a franchise in the construction/home services market.

Getting to Know Anchored Tiny Homes

After researching franchise brands for a few years, Dorien turned his focus to investment opportunities in the real estate and construction industries. While many of the available business investment options turned out to be large-scale development franchises, a fateful Google search populated Anchored Tiny Homes as a result – which fit perfectly with the Couch’s interests, prior research, and background. Shortly after finding us, Dorien quickly imagined his future as a Tiny Home Franchise Owner:

    “My journey as an Anchored Tiny Homes Franchise Owner will be characterized by a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community collaboration. By cultivating a dynamic team, fostering a culture that aligns with the brand's values, and actively participating in community initiatives, I am confident in my ability to lead the franchise to success while making a positive impact on both the business landscape and the community at large.”

Through his own experience with construction work, Dorien recognized a general lack of high-quality service among general contractors. However, with Anchored Tiny Homes, he saw the “white-glove” service level standard each ADU Franchisee and their general contractors are held to and knew we were the franchise for him.

Looking Forward to the Future

Now that he’s become an official Anchored Tiny Homes Franchisee, Dorien is leaning on his motivation to leave the corporate world and desire to help solve America’s housing crisis through our mission. In fact, he’s already put together a five-year plan for his new tiny house business!

    “In the first three years, my business plan will focus on establishing a strong foundation. This involves meticulous market research, creating a robust online and offline presence, and forming partnerships with local suppliers and contractors. By year three, the aim is to have a well-established customer base and a reputation for delivering high-quality tiny homes tailored to individual needs.

    Looking ahead to the five-year mark, the focus will shift towards expanding the franchise's footprint.”

At Approval Day, where he was intrigued to learn about how our Founders and other tiny home Franchisees have navigated the process of sourcing and maintaining relationships with ideal local general contractors. With these answers and his existing construction background, he is sure to be one of the best new franchisees to join the Anchored Tiny Homes movement.

Connecting with Dorien for a Q&A

Not only did our team sit down with Dorien for a Q&A to hear more about his background and motivations for joining our tiny house franchise, but he also went above and beyond and submitted a business essay to detail his plans for the future! So, let’s hear more about what the Couch couple has in mind for their new business venture

    “When you found Anchored Tiny Homes, what about it caught your eye?”

    Dorien: “If fit everything [in our lives] in the last 10 years. I’ve flipped at least one home every year, [and] we just recently rehabbed two of our previous homes. The tiny home solution was one of the opportunities we thought would be big in the [San Antonio] market, considering how expensive real estate [is]. It seemed like the only way investors were making [a] profit was [by] subdividing the lots [and] adding additional dwelling units. That seemed to be a big niche market that, for me, seemed like [an] opportunity. So, Anchored Tiny Homes fit that model.”

    “What was it about the home industry that made you feel more comfortable than another, like the restaurant industry?”

    Dorien: “From a business perspective, restaurants are so hard in terms of [thin] profit margins. It's really difficult to establish in a new market. My wife and I talked about it before, but it seems extremely risky in terms of being successful. Anchored Tiny Homes, to me, seemed a little bit less risk-averse, especially considering my background, so I felt more comfortable with it – also, in terms of the demand-related product. People are coming to you, [and] they’re going to buy it.”

    “What do you think will make you successful with your Anchored Tiny Homes franchise?"

    Dorien: “I believe in my success as an Anchored Tiny Homes Franchise Owner due to my passion for sustainable living, strong leadership skills, and dedication to community engagement. My extensive background in project management and my commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences will play a pivotal role in driving the business forward. Moreover, the franchise model provides access to a proven business framework and the support of an experienced network, setting the stage for growth and prosperity.”

    “Anything else you’re looking forward to most about owning your tiny homes franchise?”

    Dorien: “I mean, honestly, [I’m] really hoping to hit the ground running and then maybe expand – whether or not it's in [additional] San Antonio territories or back in Pennsylvania, like our hometown. We would be able to have two different markets! We know that market really well, and if this takes off, that might be another opportunity.”

Take Control of Your Destiny with Anchored Tiny Homes

Whether you’re currently in a similar situation that Dorien decided to leave, or you’ve also spent years looking into franchise businesses to escape the corporate grind, our tiny homes franchise is the investment opportunity that can springboard you into an entrepreneurial role! As the first and only franchise in the ADU market, our team has pioneered a profitable business model in a niche industry so our Franchise Owners can finally take back control of their own lives. To learn more about our business or how to join our tiny house franchise, take our 1-minute match quiz to get started!

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