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Tiny Home

Our tiny homes, including detached and attached Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), offer myriad benefits. With our Anchored ADU System, you’ll get access to an in-house expert design team, experienced permit coordinators and expert builders to create your perfect ADU.


Casitas, or "little houses" in Spanish, are small, detached living spaces that offer a range of benefits, such as providing extra room for guests, creating private retreats, or even generating rental income.

Guest House

A guest house is a perfect addition to any property, providing you with the flexibility and freedom to accommodate guests, generate rental income, or create a comfortable and private space for yourself or your loved ones.
Anchored Tiny Homes - Mother-In-Law Unit Contractor. Anchored Tiny Homes

Mother In Law

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Mother In Law
Anchored Tiny Homes - Custom Small Home Builder. Anchored Tiny Homes

Small House

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Small House
Anchored Tiny Homes -

Granny Flat

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Granny Flat
Anchored Tiny Homes - Best Detached ADU. Anchored Tiny Homes

Detached ADU

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These popular stand-alone structures are separate from your main home, providing additional living space while maintaining privacy. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as guest houses, rental units or even home offices. Our detached ADUs are designed to blend seamlessly with your property's aesthetics and are constructed using high-quality materials backed by manufacturer warranties. We have several standard floorplans and designs for detached ADUs that you can use, as well as fully custom options.
Detached ADU
Anchored Tiny Homes - Accessory Dwelling Unit Contractor. Anchored Tiny Homes

Attached ADU

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Add a high-quality living space to your property with attached ADUs. Perfect for adding an extra room to be used as an office, guest room or cozy retreat, ADUs can also serve as a great resource for extra rental income. Choose an attached ADU builder with experience and expertise to help guide you through the process of adding to your home. Professionals like Anchored Tiny Homes have the solutions and knowledge you need to ensure this addition goes smoothly.
Attached ADU
Anchored Tiny Homes - Professional Garage Builder. Anchored Tiny Homes


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Investing in a custom detached garage from Anchored Tiny Homes is a smart choice for upgrading your property's functionality and visual appeal. This adaptable structure offers a secure space for your vehicles and personal items while offering benefits that can improve everyday living. Discover more about our detached garage construction services.
Anchored Tiny Homes - Expert Pool House Builder. Anchored Tiny Homes

Pool Houses

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Whether you need extra storage space, somewhere to change into your summer suit, or to enhance your poolside ambiance, a pool house is the perfect way to infuse enjoyment and practicality into your outdoor space. If you’re considering taking your pool to the next level, learn more about the benefits of building a pool house, brought to you by your expert pool house builders.
Pool Houses
Anchored Tiny Homes - Luxury Tiny Home Office Builders. Anchored Tiny Homes


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We understand the importance of creating a comfortable and productive workspace within your home, and our commitment to quality and affordability ensures that our ADU offices are the ideal choice for those seeking a convenient and private office solution. Trust Anchored Tiny Homes to transform your work-from-home experience into one of comfort and efficiency.
Anchored Tiny Homes - Shell ADU Contractors. Anchored Tiny Homes

Shell ADUs

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Looking to expand your living space without relying on the difficulties of traditional construction? Choosing Shell Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) from Anchored Tiny Homes's expert shell ADU contractors is the perfect solution.
Shell ADUs
Anchored Tiny Homes

Our Process

Learn More About Our Anchored ADU System


ADU Expert Property Analysis

Have one of our Certified ADU Experts come out and assess your property to see if you can place an ADU and give you a firm estimate!

Systematic Custom Design Process

Work with our expert design team to design your perfect ADU from one of our base floor plans or creating a fully custom design to fit your needs.

Maximum Efficiency Permit Coordination

Our permitting team will then take the plans that have been created for you and submit them for permits, managing the whole process for you.

Streamlined Build Process

From foundation to finishes, we handle it all and have it completed in just 4-6 months!

Hand Over the Keys!

Once everything is completed we do a final walkthrough with you to make sure that everything is looking perfect! Then we hand over your keys to your brand new anchored ADU!

Explore Dozens Of Financing Options For Your ADU

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A modern home with dark floors with a desk and bed, provided by one of the best affordable tiny home builders.

Affordable Tiny Home Builders

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An ADU, or Accessory Dwelling Unit, is a versatile and efficient solution to maximizing the potential of your property. As a state-regulated living space, an ADU typically ranges from 150 to 1,200 sq. ft, includes a full bathroom and kitchen and must be permitted by your local city or county. Anchored Tiny Homes is proud to be one of the top tiny home builders, crafting unique and functional spaces that cater to a variety of needs and preferences.

ADUs can be known by different names depending on the state or region you are located in. Some common terms you may come across include:

Despite the variety in terminology, the concept remains the same: providing a comfortable, stylish and functional living space that complements your existing property. As the premier affordable tiny home builders, Anchored Tiny Homes is dedicated to offering customizable options that suit your budget and lifestyle.

Anchored Tiny Homes top tiny home builders and their project of a small kitchen in a ADU home.

Anchored Tiny Homes

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Our team of skilled professionals is well-versed in the nuances of ADU design and construction, ensuring that each project adheres to local regulations and guidelines. Our passion for innovative solutions and attention to detail have earned us a reputation for excellence, making us a top choice for homeowners seeking to expand their living space or generate additional income.

Anchored Tiny Homes is well-equipped to build an ADU that fits your specific needs, no matter the name it goes by. Whether you're interested in a cozy casita, a luxurious guest house, or a minimalist tiny home, our team at Anchored Tiny Homes has the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.

Begin your journey towards a stylish and functional ADU by contacting Anchored Tiny Homes. We invite you to take advantage of our free estimate offer and discover how our team can transform your property into a space that reflects your unique needs and style.

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Video Testimonials

Jackie Danielsson

Jackie Danielsson built a beautiful detached 792 square foot ADU on her property for her parent to have their own spacious home while still being able to stay nearby and LOVED the overall experience.

Nichole Wolfe

Due to limited space, Nichole had us build an attached ADU onto her home for her dad to have space of his own on their property. It turned out to be the perfect solution to keep everyone close by and still have enough room for everyone to thrive.


According to state laws any property that is zoned as single or multi-family can build an ADU regardless of location, HOAs, or any other local regulations as long as you have the space.

The most common placement is in the backyard, but you can also have them in the side yard or even the front of your house given there is enough room when taking setbacks, local regulations, and any unique easements on your property into account.

Because our ADUs are stick built on site, we have a ton of options to customize our base models as well as create a custom build ADU from scratch.

From floor plans, room sizes, kitchen fixtures, and cosmetic changes, we can help you create the exact space you’ve always imagined.

Some of the key elements that you can customize include:

  • External color
  • External finish materials (including options to exactly match your primary home)
  • Internal finishes from floors to tile to countertops to appliances and more!
  • Internal wall colors
  • Shower features (metal shower, porcelain shower, glass door, and more)
  • Kitchen features (sink style, countertop style, cabinets color, and more)

You can customize everything on this list, and so much more, for your new ADU.

Have any questions about customizations? Inquire today and speak with an expert to get all of your questions answered.

Our Anchored ADUs come fully finished with a full kitchen, bathroom, living space, and bedrooms if you are wanting to bedrooms in your unit.

Some of the more specific features include:

  • LP siding (board & batten/LAP)
  • Lifetime Dimensional Composition Shingles
  • Milgard white windows French doors (6′)
  • Luxury Vinyl flooring (Urban Floor)
  • Shaker cabinets
  • Butcher block countertops
  • Subway tile backsplash
  • 3 options for fixtures
  • Fiberglass shower
  • Drywall 30″
  • stainless steel fridge 30″
  • stainless steel range
  • Stackable washer/dryer
  • Interior and exterior paint
  • Can lights
  • Decor plugs and switches
  • 125 amp panel
  • Water heater / Rinnai V65E (Gas)
  • GREE Mini Split unit
  • And there are dozens of upgrades available

There are a ton of financing options available for ADUs and our in-house financing department can help you find the best loans for your desired terms and current qualifications.

The most common type of financing for an ADU project right now is either a cash-out refinance or a Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) but there are a number of other options available as well including renovation and personal loans.

Feel free to reach out to us today to learn more about financing and get connected with our financing team!

Yes, we do offer shell or unfinished versions of our ADUs.

With our shell model ADUs, we still handle the whole process for you and finish everything except for the interior of the ADU.

For the interior of a shell model ADU, we would complete rough plumbing, rough electrical, and framing leaving the rest for you to complete on your own or using your own subcontractors.

The cost of a shell model ADU is approximately 60% of the cost of one of our finished units!

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What Our Customers Say About Us

  • Amy Mondello
    Jess and Mark are the best in the business! You won’t find a more knowledgeable and dedicated team. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
  • Sarah Green
    Jessica answered any and all of my questions with the utmost respect and urgency. I appreciated her honesty and felt valued from start to finish.
  • Rianna Redig
    Jess's passion and desire to help others shines through in her work. She is detail oriented, hard working, knowledgeable and has attention to detail. I would recommend her to anyone!
  • Audrey Thorne
    I’ve known Jessica for a couple of years now, and can speak to the integrity of her work. She’s an excellent communicator, gets things done quickly and efficiently, and always with a smile. I’ve used her on past projects with great success. You’ll be happy you chose her and her team for your tiny home!
  • dball913
    The project initially commenced with standard expectations, yet encountered numerous challenges and setbacks along the way. Despite an anticipated completion timeframe of 6-8 months, the endeavor extended nearly two years. Communication emerged as a prominent issue, with prolonged periods of inactivity lasting up to three weeks at a time. Additionally, the project underwent managerial transitions on seven separate occasions, further complicating matters. However, the introduction of Martin Schafer marked a pivotal turning point. Martin’s proactive approach and exceptional dedication revitalized project dynamics. His unwavering commitment and efforts transcended expectations, significantly improving project outcomes. The resultant work achieved commendable standards, garnering praise from observers for its exceptional quality. Acknowledging the transitional challenges faced by the company, it is imperative to recognize Martin's instrumental role in salvaging the project. Without his exemplary leadership, the project's overall rating would have undoubtedly suffered.
  • nona dadash
    It was about a year ago that we signed the contract with ATH and our ADU is in its final stages. Along the way in the building of my ADU, there have been bumps in the road; rainy weather, construction delays, lack of communication, designer and project manager changes, but let's be real I don't think you can have a construction project that you don't run into challenges, delays, and problems. ATH Is no exception to this fact unless you have expert and caring people on your team. I was lucky enough to have some of these people on my team; Rick Manzanares as my ADU specialist and Bob Brecht as my project manager. Rick has been my go-to person since day one; he is transparent, caring, knowledgeable, honest, and helpful. Bob is my 2nd project manager who came to save my project when I was not happy with the progress of my project; he did his best to keep things moving quickly, communicated almost daily, and managed the contractor and workers as best he could.; I'm so grateful for his good attitude, responsibility, and work ethics. My ADU looks beautiful so far and I can't wait to see the finished work. I will take a pic and post it here later.
  • Lila Wochna
    It's clear that Jessica and her team take immense pride in their work. Highly recommend for any construction project.
  • Tom Earley
    Such a great experience! Many thanks to Jess, Mark and the entire Achor team for a smooth project!
  • Amy Padilla
    I had the pleasure of meeting with Anchored Tiny Homes to scope out a potential ADU project. Matthew and Nathan were very knowledgeable and kind. They explained things in a way I could understand and so could my mom. They listened to our needs and provided multiple options. They were not pushy and were obviously focused on our needs and making us happy. This is obviously something they love doing and it shows in their work. If you have the interest in having an ADU built or aren't sure if it's for you I strongly recommend Anchored Tiny Homes. They are a no pressure, kind, knowledgeable and passionate team.
  • Vicky Davies
    ATH Portland showed dedication, knowledge, and thoroughness with our project. Their commitment to assessing the client's needs is commendable.
  • Jensen Yancey
    Zach and the rest of the team were phenomenal to work with. The prices are extremely reasonable, and they were only ever helpful and informative, they never pressed with a hard sell. Would highly recommend this team if you're interested in an ADU.
  • Rose Disney
    I signed with ATH three years ago when they were a new and rapidly growing business, so there've been some...growing pains. That said, although ATH isn't the first contractor we've run into that couldn't deliver on 100% of their promises, they are the ONLY contractor I've ever worked with that has shown a consistent and long-term willingness to try. In my opinion, my project manager Martin is the shining star of ATH. He clearly puts all of himself into his job. He's super responsive and helpful and goes above and beyond to make sure everything meets the expectations set back when my contract was first signed with the company. I'm truly grateful to have him as my point of contact.
  • Joe Manzo
    The process of getting the unit built took longer than expected but it was exceptionally handled by our Project Manager Martin Schafer. Throughout the project Martin worked extremely hard to make sure things went as smooth as possible. He made several attempts and had success in getting the project completed. Should you decide to have a unit built, ask for Martin to be your Project Manager. You will be happy you did!
  • Melissa Wilkins
    Duran is attentive and has excellent customer service.
  • Ava R
    Very organized information and easy to navigate website. Catalog easily downloaded. Only cons is pricing.
  • Eric Harvey
    We worked with ATH to build a custom ADU in our backyard, and we are very happy with the way it turned out. The project had some unexpected turns and bumps in the road, like building projects always do, and ATH made navigating them much easier and faster. Our project manager, Pamela, went above and beyond to make sure things were done right and the changes we requested in the course of construction were implemented.
  • Ted Scranton
    Martin and Jordan were a pleasure to work with on our ADU project over the last 2 years. Although there were several hiccups along the way we are happy with how the final product turned out.
  • Wendy “Wendizzle”
    We did a phone call and Rick was very knowledgeable and had screen sharing so I could see my options.
  • Blanca Gavina
    I’ve been working with Anchored Tiny home for almost 2 years. Roman Sandoval has been wonderful! His communication is amazing and has offered me exceptional customer service. He has answered all of my questions promptly and he is very thorough. I absolutely love my new ADU!
  • Bradley Jones
    Anchored Tiny Homes is the unquestionable leader in the building of accessory dwelling units across the United States. They will change the course of affordable housing in America.
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