Oct 23rd, 2023

Introducing Our Newest Tiny Home Franchise Owner Out of Boise, ID: Rob Perkins!

As we begin to welcome more franchisees to Anchored Tiny Homes and make an impact on the housing crisis outside of our home state of California, we’re excited to announce that our tiny homes franchise will be expanding to the Boise, Idaho community! Together with new Franchise Owner Rob Perkins, our entire team is excited to expand into new territories and change the housing market across the country for the better. Let’s learn more about Rob and hear why his background set him up for success with his new Anchored Tiny Homes franchise!

Welcoming Rob Perkins to the Anchored Tiny Homes Franchise

Rob’s Background

While Anchored Tiny Homes is a franchise built on solving the housing crisis through accessory dwelling units (ADUs), we don’t require potential tiny house franchise owners to have a construction background.

However, Rob Perkins came to us with experience in not only residential home construction but also real estate, investment property management, and much more! It was because of this familiarity with the home construction industry and capacity with this line of work through most of his adult life that he pursued our franchise education process in the first place. With this in mind, both Rob and our support team believe he’ll be able to lean on his past experiences and knowledge to help him find success in this market quickly after launch.

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Stumbling into Franchising

Like many others who have joined a franchise, Rob wasn’t looking at franchising specifically but just a way out of the corporate world; in his case, this started on BizBuySell.com. After stumbling upon Anchored Tiny Homes’ profile on the website, Rob Perkins connected with our Development Director and began to learn more about our story, vision, and – most importantly – business model.

    “The white glove service model is what I like most. I’ve seen through personal experience that not every general contractor out there has the soft skills that most consumers would like to see. The fact that our trade partners can just focus on the build side of things while we manage the rest and guide our clients through the process is a great business strategy for everyone involved.”

Getting to Know Our Tiny Home Franchise Model

For Rob, it’s the ability to focus on project management and the quality control side of the construction process that excites him most. Thanks to his experience, he understands how simple most ADU designs are to build, especially compared to other residential construction projects. Knowing this, he appreciates how easy the Anchored Tiny Homes designs are to communicate to subcontractors and how that will enable him to be the time-conscious middleman between clients and tiny house builders.

Plus, who wouldn’t enjoy working from home? With his wife and two young children at home, Rob’s most excited about how much closer this will make them and how he’ll be able to see them throughout the day rather than at the end of a long, tiring day in an office.

Professionals going over blueprints for an ADU - Anchored Tiny Homes recruits rob perkins who has a foundational understanding of the boise market.
Applying His Experience to Build His Future

Thanks to his construction background in managing and working alongside contractors, local labor, and various organizations, Rob has the advantage of knowing what to expect in his day-to-day life as he starts his Anchored Tiny Homes franchise. Since he has already faced many of the challenges that come with the construction industry, he’ll be launching with a foundational understanding of how to effectively communicate with both contractors and clients, as well as how to ensure performance expectations and timelines are met as promised. Rob brings a level of grit and dedication that is sure to help him in his launch and eventual expansion outside the Boise market.

Chatting 1-on-1 with Rob

As a newer brand to the franchise world, we’re overjoyed with each new Tiny Home Franchisee that we have the privilege of bringing on board, and with Rob, it’s no different!

During our education process, the Anchored Tiny Homes team spends time getting to know our potential new tiny house Franchise Owner as much as they get to know us. In the case of Rob Perkins, we sat down for a Q&A to learn more about what made him choose franchising and our ADU housing mission, so take a peek at a few of the answers he provided as we welcome him to the Anchored Tiny Homes family!

    “What sets Anchored Tiny Homes apart, in your eyes, from other franchise opportunities in the home services industry?”

    Rob: “There’s really nothing else like it out there, in my opinion. We are helping our clients create something of their own from the ground up. I can’t think of any other home services franchise products or services that will provide this much value the same way a brand-new ADU can.”

    “What was it about the vision and goals of Anchored Tiny Homes as an organization that most resonated with you?”

    Rob: “Idaho has been hit extremely hard by the housing crisis. The average annual salary here is at or around $50,000 [but] a typical single-family home in Idaho is around $430,000. There is a major disconnect here. Our zoning laws regarding ADUs have been changed recently to allow for more housing density – for a good reason. People have been priced out of the housing market, aging parents need homes, and new investors need a way to create more income and wealth.

    The founders at Anchored Tiny Homes know this firsthand and have been very clear that they are serious about addressing this issue on a national level. They want all of their franchisees to find success, and I believe they can offer the Franchise Owner support I will need to do so.”

    “What did you like about meeting Anchored Tiny Homes’ Founder and executive support team in person?”

    Rob: “What resonated most with me was how the founders clearly believed in the work they are doing. We all know the housing crisis has been a problem in our country for years, but Anchored Tiny Homes is addressing it on a very large scale. The most enjoyable part for me was the building site visits. It was great to see the quality of work and some of the layouts firsthand.”

    “What do you look forward to most about owning your Anchored Tiny Homes franchise?”

    Rob: “I think the most exciting thing for me will be enjoying the benefits of entrepreneurship. I’m excited to see how I can scale my ADU business and deliver for our clients. It’s going to feel great when we can hand over the keys at the end of the build and say ‘Welcome home.’”

Unlock a New Path: Join Anchored Tiny Homes and Transform Your Life

Are you in the same boat as Rob was, and you’re looking for the door to leave the corporate life behind for good? Whether you’re looking to take control of your work-life balance or you’re ready to make a change in the world, Anchored Tiny Homes is the ground-floor investment opportunity and first-of-its-kind franchise that could help you achieve your goals! To learn more about our franchise business model, our mission, or the story behind why we chose ADUs, connect with our team to get started today.

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